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Can I use cloneable website template to make revenue?

I’m a beginner to Webflow and started making websites for myself just as a hobby, but then someone approached me asking to make a website for them. I found a template from a cloneable website that would be perfect, so I want to know what are the policies on using cloned websites when the aim is to generate a revenue from it for a client? Can I only use Webflow templates or can I use cloneable websites in the showcase? Thanks.

There are generally no policies, so if there’s no copyright warning, do what you want, sky’s the limit.

A website design is very hard to really protect. HTML, CSS can be copyrighted but there’s many ways to achieve the same result. Also, if the site is using quite a trendy design, there is no way for a creator to enforce a copyright on the visible design. For a start you’d have to be a renown company or brand to just try to.

In short: go for it.

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Thanks for the response! I just realised too that there are copyright infos on each post. For the one I want, it is all good to use for commercial purposes which is great!

Cloneable is a popular interface in Java that is implemented by a class. And it allows its Objects to be cloned. Yes, you can use a cloned Webflow template precisely as it is, or as a layout structure fr a website design.