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Template refund possible?

Hello, I just signed up for an account today and am interested in using a template but it says I need to go ahead and purchase however I’m not sure of the capabilities in fitting it with my brand. If it doesn’t work out can I get a refund in an acceptable amount of time? Otherwise is there a way I can I use it to see what color/placement/section changes I can do to fit my brand?

Welcome to the community @Rakhi_Bhavnani!

I’m not sure of any refund policy for the templates (I will ping the Community Team account below) but along with previewing the templates in your browser, you can also open a read-only version of the theme within Webflow by clicking the “Preview in Designer” link. This will allow you to test out functionality as needed to ensure it will work for your specific use case. Keep in mind you will be prevented from doing things like modifying or creating collections/pages but you’ll be able to update content as needed using what’s included.

@WebflowCommunityTeam - The FAQ doesn’t seem to mention anything about refunds, are they possible within a certain time frame after purchasing?