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Template refund policy

I want to ty out a template with my own images before deciding to buy. the option to upload images is blocked on the preview. i want to know whether if i buy the template i can get a refund if my images are not fine for the design

this simple question is not covered anywhere namely what is the refund policy on templates is it the same as for the sites

Hi, @graceful!

I googled your question — indeed, there is no definite answer. I’m more than sure that you should contact the template’s creator to ask about their refund policy — that’s because templates’ creators are the owners of their template, not Webflow. So, actually, you don’t buy a template, but a license to use it. That being said, Webflow states that they don’t issue any refunds regarding their services in Terms of Service (paragraph 9).

Try reaching out to the template’s creator first. Also, you may try your luck contacting Webflow’s support team.

Hope that helped!

Many thanks for taking the trouble to check and for your reply

I did contact the site owner luca and he has responded promptly and is assisting with a separate link

Generally though they should make the position clear.

No worries! I hope this information will be useful to other users in the future.

Just an update

Luca has now said

Unfortunately, the DOMINE template is managed by Webflow, which does not provide the possibility to upload images before it was purchased.

If you want to know if you have the right to refund you should contact them.

So it seems we are back where we started.

I cant think of any reason why they don’t make the refund on templates clear; either yes with conditions or NO.

Unless, perish the thought, they wish to mislead, in which they have succeeded, as I was about to buy the template just to save the trouble.

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I see. Let the community know if you get any updates.

I can suggest you to take a screenshot and then use Photoshop or Figma to recreate the look that you want. Also, you can use ”inspect” feature on your browser and do some magic, but I’ve never done that.