Template purchased: can I hide unused pages for later?

Hello all,

I’ve create a website partially based on a template I’ve purchased.
In the first version of the website, a lot of functionality form the template is not used yet.
So I want to save these pages/collections for later use, BUT:… I don’t want them to show up in the EDITOR, because my client will see these pages and collections too.

I’ve tried hiding them in someway, but this doesn’t work.

The other options is to delete all unused template pages and collections. But how will I get them back later on, when I may need them.

Anybody has suggestions for this issue?

Thank you



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Create A folder of unused pages and in the Folder Settings protect that folder with your password


Thanks, but this is not a solution that works. The pages are still visible in the EDITOR. This is where my client log’s in to edit there CMS pages.

Did you find the answer to this issue? am having the same problem right now.

You can’t hide pages from the Editor as of now. There may be custom code for this, but I wouldn’t know it.

There’s two ways around this:

  • Copy the content from those pages from the current site, create a new site, then paste them into new pages. You won’t need a plan or anything for the new site. When you’re ready to bring them over, you can just copy and paste again.
  • You can delete the pages from the current site, and create a new site using that template. Then copy the content from those pages when you’re ready to make those pages again on the current site. Although you may run into licensing issues with this method.
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Thanks for your help. The solution gets a little more tricky when collections items is involved.