Convert CMS dynamic template pages into editable static pages

Hello, I bought and adapted a CMS template into an static site which doesn’t require CMS but I can’t buy a Basic Hosting plan for it because of the CMS content.

I know I must unbind all dynamic content to be able to purchase a Basic Hosting plan for it but I created some dynamic template portfolio pages and I can’t find a way to convert them to static editable pages.

Can this be done or should I export the site and host it somewhere else?

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Hi @Hector_Munoz_Huerta have you tried copying elements from your dynamic template page over to a new static page?

I could copy the dynamic template into a new page but since I have already made several pages based on the CMS it would mean doing everything from scratch. What I want to do is convert those dynamic pages which can only be accessed via the Collections panel into fully editable static pages.

Ok, I ended up using SiteSucker to make a local static copy of the site. I had no intentions of constantly using the CMS service but as I bought a template which had a CMS version only and I had to figure out a way to host an static version of it.

If I had the option of hosting a static version of the site my money would have gone to Webflow.