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Hiding a collection template page for later use?

Very new to this program.

I just purchased a template and I’m ready to start. I want to get my homepage up and running quickly, but I’m not ready to start my blog page just yet. Can I hid this from publishing view until I’m ready to use it, without deleting it from the template I just purchased??


Simply do not link to the template page from anywhere, and/or

Since you cannot password-protect the collection template page, you could redirect users to the home page instead using this code:

Paste this in Page Settings > Header Code


Marking Collection Template pages as Password Protected is a feature I’ve wanted for a while.
I understand that it would be hard to prevent Collection Lists linking to Collection Items from filtering out items that are ‘protected’ or ‘private’.
In my case, I want an entire collection to be private until a client approves it. Adding this to the wishlist.

Edit: Exists already on wishlist:

You should also prevent google to index your hidden pages.
Put this in your script header on the collection page you want to hide <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”>