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Need help with collection template page and multiple images for sections

Hi Guys, I’d really appreciate some help working on the Designer Template.

I really like the look for my portfolio, and I want to copy the wrappers used on the homepage to demonstrate different steps taken in my projects. However, when I copied and pasted the wrappers, I’m having trouble with the images and text.

When I try to change the images, it only allows me to connect it to either “none” or “project”, and the project image that comes up is the one assigned to it (that I use on my homepage). Anyone know how to still use the wrapper on my project pages, and easily change the images and text for each step?

Here’s a short video clip showing the issue I’m having

Much appreciated!


Hi @Kayla_Surrey, thanks a lot for the post. Could you please help to share the site read-only link?

Hi Dave,

Sure thing, I’ve pasted the link below.


Hi @Kayla_Surrey, the page you are working on is a collection template page, which means that each item in the collection has it’s own page.

If you need multiple images for different sections for each collection item, then you would need to add multiple image fields in the collection, for as many images as you need.

You can add up to 30 collection fields per collection on cms hosting, 60 collection fields on business cms hosting.

I hope this helps

Hi Dave,

I’m a bit confused. I just want to copy the design that is on the homepage, but have different photos for each section. For example, I want to use the template to demonstrate step 1, step 2, etc. of a project. So for each step, I would like to assign a photo and have a description. Is there a way to recreate the same look (of scrolling paste the image, with half of it shaded) so that I can make a different photo and description for each?