What happened with your feedback?

Hi there!

I was so happy because of Webflow’s feedback - it was quite fast, I was recieving answer in a day. But what happened now - I posted three different question and three days already left and there is still no answer… Hey Webflow, what’s the matter?

Dear User,

Thank you for reaching out. The Webflow team is dedicated to helping all of you incredible designers in any way they possibly can.

Forum Usage

Everyone is welcome to ask for our help on the forum, where the community (non-Webflow staff like you and me) can help one another and share tips and experiences with using Webflow. There is also a Freelance category if your design or custom code issues are broad or urgent in nature, and would be more suited for a professional Designer or Developer to assist you with.

Email Support

With Priority Support, the Webflow team prioritizes email support requests for account, billing, or technical related that come from those with Professional or Team plans ahead of those from Starter plan or free accounts. But if there is ever a bug, please do post in the Bugs category as Webflow staff monitors that category closely, and will do everything to address the bug as soon as possible and resolve that issue to make sure that you’re able to continue using Webflow as normal. If you are unable to post it in the forum for any reason, you can also email Webflow support at support@webflow.com and they will look into it during office hours.

Statement of Support

Please also note that Webflow staff are limited to what they are allowed to support via email and forums. Due to the highly variable nature of design or custom code related issues (including external plugins) that can occur in the Webflow Designer, they fall outside of Webflow’s statement of support as they can be resolved by making design changes to a site or removing/editing custom code in a site. The Webflow’s statement of support describes the kind of issues the Webflow team can help you with from the support desk.

Thank you for your understanding.

Disclaimer: I am not a staff of Webflow, and the opinions expressed above are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Webflow team. I disclaim all and any responsibility or liability in respect of information detailed or omitted (or the consequences thereof) from this post.

Hey there @As_Gen!

Thanks a ton for your feedback - we appreciate your honesty and we understand the urgency of our users’ cases. We do our best to provide best possible support, which sometimes takes time :slight_smile:

As for the non-replied posts - apologies :bowing_man: They must have slipped through the cracks. I know @AnnaKelian took care of such and we’re looking into the issue you posted about dropdown. We hope to fix it as soon as possible as it affects lot of our users.

We’re hoping to have a better approach for bug category on the forums soon so each issue is taken care of in a closest window and that we’re communicating more with what’s happening around such case :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your feedback!

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