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Targeting ID's for styling or interactions

Weeee neeeeeed deeeeees :slight_smile: Classes are fun but let’s get some pseudo classes and ID’s as well :slight_smile:

Haha. You can actually add ID’s at the bottom of the element’s settings.

Or do you mean targeting ID’s for styling?

ID’s for styling, yes. I imagine that they would exist in the class input field at the top of the inspector, they would just be a different color.

Classes = blue
Pseudo classes = green
ID selectors = yellow?

All existing in the class input field in order.

WHy don’t you just add another class that will overwrite current class with another color?

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strange. i added a class to a div i thought would only effect that one div, but the class was copied to the other divs with the same first class. so i thought we needed id’s. then i tried it again right now and it did not copy over to the other divs with the same first class. prolly a glitch or other non issue. would still like another color for one time tags, such as id’s.