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How do I create a div id rather than class

Am I missing something obvious - all styling makes a class [ . ] which is fine for most things - but how do I create a unique id [ # ] in the stylesheets?

In the stylesheet directly using webflow - you can’t. That’s what classes are for. You can add custom style inside the <head></head> tags in the site dashboard - custom code. simply use

 #something {
  color: red;

Thanks, I did it by tweaking the css afterwards, I’d rather do it that way, it’s tidier than having styles in the head of each page. I just wondered if I had missed something obvious.
Your jquery toggle implementation worked a treat once I had tweaked the CSS.
Thanks for all your help.

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The logic behind their guidelines recently compelled me to drop all use of IDs (except for use with javascript) and use only classes instead.