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Add class to multiple elements

Is there a way to easily add a class to multiple elements? Like add a class to every list item in a list after the list has already been made?

If not this would be a great feature to add to the style manager. Add a paintbrush next to each style. If you click the paintbrush and click an element it gets that style. This would really help if you are adding styles or forget to add them when they are created.


that’s a great idea, maybe just select multiple elements with holding shift (like in windows explorer) and than a sign a class to all of them? I had this problem and I just teach myself to make the class first than copy-paste the elements

BUMP. Was looking for this functionality today. Same problem. Long list developed. Make new class, want to paste it to the rest of the elements.

I moved this topic to the Wish List.

At this time, we do not have a way to apply one class to multiple elements. It is a great suggestion though and something we should look into in the future. :smile:


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I think what we need is Child and Pseudo selectors, so all

tags within an element - nth child. This would make for clean css and help when the cms is added to style elements coming from the cms.

I really would want that as well!

Wow, great suggestion. This would be awesome. Best way to look at it would be to pull out the functionality from the most popular online photo editors and illustration designers. That would be awesome.

Great idea. I would like to apply a class to multiple (currently trying to do 60) images (and other objects) at once.