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Tabs start to "walk" when clicking

Hey all,

i’m having trouble creating this tab section. Everytime I click a tab the tab starts to move downwards.
the tabs having classes and they all seem to have the exact same settings. Is there a work around for this problemo?

Read only Link:

Here a video:

Browser: Chrome 84.0.4147.105
In Safari it seems to work…

Best wishes

Interesting one that.
Fixed it though, what, you want to know how?
Tut, such demanding forum people these days hehe.
Change “icue intro” layout display to default i.e. block

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i was so excited im still shaking. thank you for the quick solution

BUT! its not working :frowning:

Boo, soz,
So I did delete all the sections above and it worked.
I added a blank section under body,
So it was just
and then icue-section.
it stopped working.
Thats when I changed the display.
It worked.

Now repeating that exercise after your update doesnt work.
So I think you just added the display effect to icue-section.
I change that to default (just to prove) and it works.

So, I thought of an idea but forgot to pursue it.
Its actually much better, no effort and works.
I know, its the meds I am on.
Currently set to H50px and WAuto. Change W to say 100 and presto.

Let me know if this works or fails.

Also a very good idea, but i allready tried that. Still not working :,(

Ok so this time. Its definately to do with auto v fixed.
So I pulled the icue-section out and placed it on the body line.
I then put it under 4000x-hero.
It doesnt work.
I did change all the text box’s to fixed 100px but it didnt work.
So what else is wrong me thinks.

Your tab link box’s are set to auto, I put a fixed in there as well and it works.

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You sir, can call youself tab troubleshooting master! Any idea how i now get rid of the jumping circles?

Brill, job 1 done. thanks for the praise.
Sometimes its good to show route I took to find where the problem lyes.

So job 2, what jumping circles?

solved it on my own! thank you so much anyways :slight_smile:

Full on working website, what will they think of next.
Na, brilliant and it was fun.