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Edit scroll position when I move between tabs

Hello :wave:

I duplicated content just to quickly simulate a long scroll because I need these 2 long sections within a page. My issue is related to the scroll position explained in the video attached: once I move between tabs can I bring the scroll position back to 0?

Do I need custom code?
Is there a better way to do that?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Ok I think I got it.
Create a transition for on click.
Create new animation.
Select Body and move.
The X needs to be where the tab starts on the page.
Add this same transition for each tab.

Hey! thanks!
Do you mean I can do that using the tabs premade component or recreating it?

Doh, just had a play and it didnt do what i thought it did.
I wanted to give you a share.
Let me play some more, I may not have cracked it.
Im a no code guy.

thanks for trying :pray:

I have to do a CV for my partner for tomorrow morning so cant do anything right now.
What you need is the link to go to an id.
Then do transition of hide and show.
Its the only way, so yes no to tabs.
Remember webflow is kind of create it yourself so you have full control.
I will create something on a test product so you can copy it if you want me to.
I don’t think it will be hard for you though.
Come back with how you get on please.

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Did you manage to do it?
I forgot about this as you didn’t come back to me.
Link what you did.

I tried but I was not able to make it.

I’ve chosen another layout route, more appropriate for the project.

If you have time to do it would be a good reference for the community :slight_smile:

I did like what you were doing with tabs, I may have a go in the future.
Good to hear you have thought of another method.
If you get stuck again or want a design buddie let me know.

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