Tabs turn black after clicking

Hi Everybody,

I did some custom TAB on my new website. See links below.

In the beginning the following bug did not occur. Now when I hover over the Service TABs (German: Unser Services) the slight white background-colors works fine. But by clicking another tab the one clicked before turns BLACK. When moving the cursor on the black background it goes away.

This only appears in published modus.

I inspected the elements both on the Webflow subdomain (see shared link) and on my Beta for the live site. visited, focussed, etc seems not to be the problem.

Anybody sees why the black background appears on my tabs after clicking and clicking another tab?

Thanks for your help.

Check the SERVICE section under the following links:



@illustregrafik I’m not seeing this problem in Chrome on MacOS, which browser/OS are you using? Btw, looking great in my opinion!

@asksj Thanks for the quick reply. Thats great news. I used safari. But if this is a browser issue, I will relax and just let it go.

Thanks for the support and the feedback! Btw, these tabs are clonable in case you like it.

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Glad to help :slight_smile: I just looked at it in Safari and did see the bug, so strange! It seems to go away (for me at least) after I try to inspect the element also—just a thought, maybe you could try making the background of the tabs the same color as the background of your site: #fafafa? In the CSS this is .w-tab-link so should be a “tab link” element in the designer I would think (your share url seems to have disappeared). When playing in developer mode that fixed it for me, seems they’re currently set to a transparent background, so maybe they’re trying to show something else when clicked for some reason (very weird, but that’s the best I could figure out).

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Hey @illustregrafik hope you’re doing well! Just wondering if you got this to work?

@illustregrafik Looks like you found the solution?

Piter :webflow_heart: