Trouble with linking to a specific tab-new

I read other posts about linking a nav link to a tab on another page but I cannot get it to work.

on my page called element-kitchen-bakery/menus I have 4 tabs and I want the nav to be tab specific

I have added to before body

and I added I think the correct url for each tab link but obs its wrong

Also for some reason, the tabs are totally off on mobile and landscape although they look fine in designer

@cyberdave could you take a look?

@rsilbereis1 Rachel,

Where do you want these tabs linked to?

You do not explain that.

Thank you. So I want the nave links in the drop down menu to go to the corrosponding tabs on the menu page so nav lunch>menu page>tab lunch; nav stock your fridge>menu page>tab stock and so on

From what I see they are working. Some design aspects need to be updated tho.

You are using the right tab link commands for the links.

they dont work on the live site

they all go to lunch vs the correct tab

@rsilbereis1 Rachel,

Here is a video, you can skip ahead:

Sorry had to redo the video, there was no sound on first one. lol

thank you let me give it a go

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Thank you so much. With regards to your last comment and the padding on the container of max 20 is that across all platforms or just starting on the tablet layout?

so it was working and then I made all the format changes and now the nav no longer works other than lunch?

@QA_Brandon sorry if and when you have time

@QA_Brandon just hoping you can see what the issue is. Everything looks right to me but the links do not go to the tab


Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, i won’t have a chance to look til tomorrow at earliest. Do some research on google. That’s where i found the first bits i sent u! See if @webdev or @cyberdave is around to help tonight

thank you
@cyberdave or @webdev if you have time. I looked at all the things on the previous forums but cannot figure out why my nav to tabs using the code is not working

@rsilbereis1 -> Script was created for class names. That’s not what you are targeting.

If you want to use ID’s then you need to modify the script;

Change the selector to;

 $('#' + tabName).triggerHandler('click');

And lose the # in your menu. That should work.

THANK YOU!!! That fixed it

One last thing if you can. I made some recommended changes to the settings of the tabs but the way they look in Webflow doesn’t match the live look. For example

I just don’t understand why the designer view is so different than the live view as it pertains to mobile and landscape view @cyberdave @webdev I thought maybe I needed to put the tab text in a div or change its position but everything I tried had essentially the same result.