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Tabs not working on IE when there Lottie on the site


I faced an issue where the site have Lottie, the tabs not working on IE (chrome, firefox works well). My client still using IE so I cannot ignore it. (My IE version is 11)

Appreciate if anyone can help on it. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is the page:


Anyone can help on this?
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When building a site that has to support a legacy browser, don’t use features that browser does not support. IE 11 is EOL.

That said, did you test the page with no lottie to make sure it is not your animations on the tabs?

Hi @webdev ,

I tested. Without the lottie, the tabs function well on IE.

I can confirm this issue. This is a bug if Webflow actually supports IE 11. Don’t get your hopes up. E commerce has been broken for months on IE.

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