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Internert Explorer 11 issues. Interactions not working


None of my interactions are working in IE 11. Right from the slider to the staggered hover text, maps, nothing seems to be loading in IE 11. It works fine on Chrome. Please help how to solve this issue.

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @emm.raj, I am sorry to hear that those are not showing up for you. I have tested on IE 11, and everything seems to work on my end, see a sample:

May I ask what kind of system you are on, Desktop, Laptop or Surface Tablet? I am happy to take another look if it still is not showing the interactions on your system.

Hi Dave,

I’m using it on a laptop, I tried again, but styill no interactions show up. Please see attached.

@emm.raj Do you know if JavaScript is enabled on that browser?

A good way to check is to pull up in that browser - does it have a big blue “YES” like this?

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