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Hi guys, help needed and advice appreciated!

I’m trying to replicate the interaction as shown in the older version of Webflow, but as featured on the Webflow tutorial still. - YouTube

View the tutorial at 1:15:00 and it shows the arrow interaction process in the tabs menu section. I have repeated the steps but cannot hide/show the arrow off the bottom of the tab button as demonstrated in the tutorial, much to my continued frustration.

My read only file is here:

Many thanks for our time folks, Phil

Hi @Philip_Walker,

Could you, please, publish your site and check if interaction works there?

Unfortunately, it is known bug with TAB trigger. It is not showing “close tab” part of interaction. BUT it usually works fine on published site.


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Hi @sabanna thanks for the swift response.

I checked the published site, and yes, it DOES work! Search results

Thanks for prompting me to check, you made my day! :blush:

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