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Tab button indicator (arrow) won't disappear on Tab Close


i can’t seem to mimic the step in 2:58:58 in this tutorial video. i’ve tried to follow the steps carefully as shown, but the tab button indicator (arrow) won’t disappear after the tab button is no longer selected. i think the problem is similar the one that is in here. did i miss something?

please take a look at my webflow site to see what i mean. thank you so much for your help:)

Hi @widiantozhu,

Yes, there seems to be lost reaction on closing tab. While that bug will be inspected by the Webflow team I can recommend you some workaround:

  1. First of all get raid of interaction on text (“aboutusbuttontext”) and image (“tabindicator”) on first button.
  2. A little bit change Interaction “show tab indicator”, instead of 1 trigger with 2 steps, make it 2 triggers with 1 step each,

first will affect all “tabindicators” and second will affect only nested one:

In this way everything will work.
And I hope guys from Webflow team will fix this bug pretty soon.


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hi anna, thank you so much for helping, it works! :smiley:

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Always welcome :wink: Glad I could help

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