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Tab Widget Problem

Hi guys,

I try to make a tab section but I’m struggling.

Under the menu point “Portfolio” is my tab section. I’d like to have one tab selected and that the arrow in the tab button (for the specific tab - tab 1) shows up directly in the beginning. I already made the interaction with the open tab trigger but my tab menu seem to have some problems. I already tried a lot of things and watched the tutorial video from the webflow team.

Thank you very much!

here you can see that the first tab does not show the arrow even when the first tab panel is the default.

Hello @Robinho

I think I found the way how to work this problem out.

(1) Turn off initial appearance with interaction for “Black arrow”. Instead that, just use transform and opacity settings on this class.

(2) For arrow on 1st tab add comboclass (or I used class “current” that you have already) and change transform settings a bit:

(3) Change 2nd and 3rd steps in the “Tab bounce” interaction:

2nd step:

3rd step

To me works good :wink:

Good luck, hope it helps,


Thank you very very muuuuuch! you are a genius! :blush: :+1:

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