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Tabs Close interaction has no effect in preview mode

Hi guys,
I have setup a tabs system in my website, each tab has Current Color and Regular color, It also have an Icon black for the current , and white for the regular, I put on each tab two icons on top of each other, and hoping to change there opacity from the tab interactions, but it won’t work … anyone with a better idea ?

Hi @Elad_Adir, thanks for the post. Could you help to share some additional info,

  1. Read-only link to site:
  2. Page name and screenshot of tab interactions having the issue
  3. Browser version being used and operating system

Thanks in Advance!

Here is the link for the site :

It’s only one page … the tabs are at the bottom
i’m using chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 m

there is a tab interaction on the icons with the two states … it won’t work … don’t know why …

So i did some tests, and only the Tab Open interaction works, Tab Close interaction is not working, Don’t know why …
I used flex box for the design of the tabs …
Need some help …

Hi @Elad_Adir, thanks for letting me know. I would also check the published site, those should be working there.

There is an open bug right now, that is under investigation that recently resurfaced that causes the tab close interaction to have no effect in preview mode, although it is working on the published site.

As soon as I have more info, I will inform.

Hey guys, somehow my interaction below the tabs doesn’t work anymore.
Anybody knows why? The arrow should disappear on non active tabs.


Here is my public share link: LINK

It seems that your displaynone triggers are empty in the interactions panel. Could you have deleted them by mistake?


It is known bug, unfortunately. BUT, it is only bugging in the Preview mode. On published site it works fine.


Thanks a lot for the feedback!