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Tabs component do not work with CMS collection list?

Hi everyone
I’ve a problem.

I wish to use CSM collection list in the tab component, but it didn’t work as i expected.
I drag a collection list in the tab 1, no problem, I set the filter, ok.

But when i ad an other collection list, in an other tab, it seems the previous collection list stay on display.

like so :

I wish to hide the other tabs when i clicked on one.

Can you help me ? Did CMS collection list work with tabs ?
Thanks guys.

Remove all the styles on the actual tab pane content box. It’s best to put a div inside the panes and if you want to size/style that div, it won’t repeat.

The tab element, is a native element and has styles embedded already. You’ll need to add divs inside then insert your content each time.

Thanks man i’ll try that right away.

I’ve tried that but it won’t work …

When i am on a unique tab the content of all the other tabs show up or fill the page with blank space.

I think my explanation is not to good, but if you want you can test is navigate within the tabs you’ll see i think … :frowning:

Yes sure, the “Panes” have Classes to them in the Styles panel. You’ll need to click the little blue dropdown for the class and remove it, then add a new class.

Can you share your read-only link and I’ll take a look now for ya.

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