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Can You Use Tabs With CMS?


On my products page, I have a tab element with a few products. I want to set up a collection of products and use a dynamic list with a tab element to display all the products in the collection. I tried doing that but it didn’t work…
Any ideas?

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Yes you can, in your collections add an ‘options’ field with the different tabs you want.

Once you’ve done that, you can select the different filters for each tab.

Just add the collection list, and apply filters accordingly.

Hey. I tried that, but you have to set up each tab pane seperately. I need it to be automatic, like all the other display lists, where you just link the tab pane with the products collection, and it automatically should make more tab panes according to the number of products…

@yoramraz1 Not yet, but it’s something we’ll be adding in the future - along with dynamic sliders, dropdowns, etc. For now, the workaround that @Hydarm suggested is what we support today :expressionless:


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