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Multiple navigation using CMS


I’m new to webflow and I was wondering if any of you smarties can help me out!

I have to build a website for a client who needs multiple categories and sub categories. Originally I put tab menus inside of tab panes but then realize the different collections lists don’t work nested inside of another tab pane using a parent collections list.
Is there a work around for how I can achieve this goal?

That’s the idea that I’m looking for and I need each tab menu to change the tab pane below it.

Is there a way I can create my own tab menu and tab pane so that I can use a collection list inside of each navigation?

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Unfortunately this can’t be done just yet. Webflow supports up to 20 collections per page and maybe you could set that every collection only shows an element of your Tab Menu/Items but this is not practical in my opinion.

Do you think there is anyway I can do a one page navigation with all those categories without using collections?

Definitely, if you have all the content as static content there’s no limit of what you can achieve.

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