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Trouble with tabs and collection items

  1. I am having issues with some collection items. I am working on a site and only have an even number cause this issue.

  2. Tabs are not showing up as they should. Each tab should not show at the same time.

Are these bugs?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @colourfulchris,

You should never override Webflow components with display: flex, especially those that show/hide.


Remove all the blue stuff you see on the Webflow tab pane, then drag a new div within the tab panes and style them however you want.

See related answer:

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@samliew You are a stud!!! Thanks for all your help.

Your collection items have different heights due to different title lengths, so floating left wouldn’t line them up properly.

You could display: flex on the Collection List, then wrap children.

You’re welcome. Hope you enjoy using Webflow!

Fixed the height issue for the speakers. Changed the Tab but now I have a broken tab panel. I cant delete it. Any thoughts how to get rid of it?

Oh, not sure how you got to that state. You’ll have to create a new report in the bugs category for that, or revert your site to an earlier version.

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