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Tablet view orientation issues

Hello! I’m currently working on a website but having an issue with the Landing Page layout on the tablet view(other pages seem fine). See below screenshots of the logo and social media icons that got scrunched up in landscape mode. How do we customize landscape tablet orientation in Webflow? Could anyone take a look and help me out? Thank you so much!

Logo and icons look fine in portrait mode

Logo and icons got scrunched up in landscape mode

Here’s the published site:

Here’s the Read-Only site:

Tablet landscape will use some of the same styles as desktop breakpoint.

However to fix your squished logos, I would recommend putting them all within one div, and then style them within that div in relation to one another rather than using an absolute position on each of them. Then on each screen size, they will always interact the same. Easier to manage.

thank you! it’s fixed :blush: