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I need a solution for Tablet Landascape

I’m trying to be very careful not to botch my site on multiple devices.

Things are in working progress to make the smaller devices mimic the desktop. Right now I am just placing images and words on the page and aligning them relative, as in an overlay affect.

And then there was Tablet landscape…the placement of the words on tablet landscape is skewed…everything is really (if you drag the width out to 991px you’l see how it looks on my actual tablet).

How can I find a solution that will work for elements on that page? I intend to add a showcase to each branding element (business cards, briefcase, envelope, etc.) using the slider.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Try to not use fixed px values to have it be mobile/tablet compatible.

Is there another way to move items on the screen without fixed px values?

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