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Mobile & Tablet Responsive Issues with Single Landing Page in Safari/Chrome

Hey all,

I’m really stuck with this issue. I have a webpage for my upcoming project which only has a single landing page set to 100vh x 100vw.

The site works great on desktop and scales accordingly but completely messes up on mobile & tablet specifically in Safari. When I rotate my iPhone to landscape, the screen thinks it’s in tablet view and squishes everything.

How can I make this responsive and respect the vw x vh so the site is seamless across all breakpoints?

It also breaks up my background image (tried setting this to the body and it still didn’t work). I have no idea. I’ll attach some screenshots to show you what I mean.


Screenshots of the problem:

  • iPad landscape: no tabs and unequal border, no scrolling.

  • iPad landscape: w/ tabs and border cuts off, no scrolling.

  • iPad portrait: w/ tabs and border cuts off again.

  • iPad portrait: no tabs and border cuts off again.

  • Mobile portrait: unequal border and you have to scroll to see contact info

  • Mobile landscape: doesn’t respect flex properties and squashes everything. still can’t scroll

There’s some custom JS in the H1 text, so check the published site before viewing the read-only link, please.

Published Site

Read-Only Site