Landscape on Mobiles not working correctly

Hi guys,

please can someone help me out here i have been messing about with the mobiles breakpoints to get them how i want but for some reason no matter what i change in the landscape breakpoint it doesn’t effect the live site at all.

for example if i hide elements on the designer for landscape then publish and view the site the elements are still visible. Or if i change the position or font size it doesn’t effect the live site at all. So currently i have a desktop, tablet and portrait Mobile breakpoints that work exactly as i want them to but the second i try landscape its all wrong.

This is all I see when i try it on my phone (Google Pixel 4XL) and also when i use edge browser and hit F12 then look at the responsive view for mobile landscape

As I said above even if i move the elements on the designer it will not move them on the published live site but only in landscape every other breakpoint works great.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Kraken Web Design

Just one thing to add, I am using Scrollify scroll snap but even with this removed i get the same issue however this is the only custom code I am using at all.