Table for my pdfs with pagination at the bottom of the table/chart

Good day! I need assistance in creating a pagination for my pdf files. I attached an image of exactly what I want it to look, only I don’t know how since I’m only starting for webflow.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - clone Site)
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To do the pagination, I typically use Finsweet’s CMS Load.
It makes the paging process a bit smoother, works great with CMS Filter, and it gives you a bit more versatility with First, Prev, Next, Last and page numbers.

Thank you so much for the reply Michael. Unfortunately, I already started with this chart and I painstakingly uploaded my pdfs 1 by 1. Is it still possible to paginate this?

Without a collection list, there are no pages to speak of. You can try the tool anyway but I’d expect it’s not practical, because you wouldn’t be able to easily mimic the classes and attributes of a collection list for the FS lib to key from.

If it were a client’s project, I’d publish it as HTML, then pull the HTML, PDF links, and transform it into CSV that can be uploaded to the CMS. If you know how to program that’s the direction I’d suggest, because with the CMS-

  • Easier Admin, client can add/remove items themselves.
  • Sorting options
  • Pagination
  • Filter and Load
  • Automation support, if new / updated PDFs ever come from external systems.

Hi @Jose_Paolo_Manuel as @memetican mentioned a CMS is the correct way for mentioned reasons and you should consider to recreate table with help of 3rd party libs. That said I have created a simple example how it can be done with custom code. I didn’t include next/prev nor first/last.

EDIT: I have updated example and all buttons are now included