Finsweet pagination - where are the page numbers?

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Added custom JS script code to page header
  2. Added 2 custom attributes to the Collection List layer: fs-cmsload-element=“list” and fs-cmsload-mode=“pagination”
  3. On “Collection List” layer settings, checked “Paginate items”
  4. On “Pagination” layer settings, checked “Show page count”

I’m dumbfounded. Why don’t the page numbers appear, between “Previous” and “Next” …???

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Figured it out. I would say the “Working Examples” section specifically Example 2 — is quite misleading. Adding pagination alone won’t get you there; you have to also follow the “PAGE BUTTON” option under “Advanced Pagination Features.”


Hello Drew, hope you doing great. could you show me how you archived this pagination?
Do you have a clonable?

Hi @Lms - sorry just now seeing your comment. Did you figure it out?

I found the solution, try to wrap the page numbers in a div.