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PDFs on the fly

Has anyone ever implemented a way of creating a downloadable PDF containing specified CMS collection content from a Webflow page at the click of a button on that page?

You’ll have to use a third-party service to create a PDF from a page

Try for example

Thanks samiliew, have had a look at this, but having trouble understanding how to implement it with Webflow.
Do you know:
if it works well with Webflow?
how much control you have over the layout?

Hey @freelancedan,

What’s the use case?

Hi Phillipe,

At the moment each ‘data sheet’ for a range of products is created manually, converted into a PDF and then uploaded to the site.
My client wants a PDF to be created and downloaded, specific to the product variation on the page (rather than the whole range) when a user clicks on the ‘Product data sheet’ within the ‘Downloads’ tab.
If you click on that button now, you will see the kind of layout that I’m looking for.
Some of the images that will need to appear in the PDF (PDF-on-the-fly) will not be visible on the web page, but will need to be taken from the collection list in the background.
I need to have an idea of:

  1. How much control I’d have over the design
  2. What would be the most efficient way of implementing it

Hope this makes sense.

Sorry, forgot to give you a link: