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Hi There

I have 2 issues:

  1. On mobile is there a way to animate the screen view down to the see content…if you’ve got chunky tabs and you have 4 of them, then on mobile portrait view all you’re going to see is the tabs…then when you click on a tab, even though you’ve loaded the content, you’re not going to know because you can’t see the content area.

So is there a way to have the screen animate down to view the content area?

  1. Im using tab 1 to view my home page…and the tabs 2-5 as like content areas…so when you view tab 2…i’d like tab 1’s text to change from ‘Home’…to ‘Back to Home’…or if it’s easier…only have ‘Back to Home’ once the other tabs are active.

Any idea how to do that?


Nice design. I think I can just about follow what you’re saying.

So you’ve got 5 tabs, the default being the homepage, the other 4 being activated when clicking on one of the faculties?

Personally, I would have those boxes linking off to separate pages. It would make it a lot easier for you, especially in terms of viewing on mobile. It’s a cool idea though.

Thanks @JoeMillion

I’m trying to contain the user experience into one place…but it’s proving to be a nightmare. Tabs within tabs…i don’t know if Webflow is particularly glitchy today or if im giving it too much to think about.

Never mind trying to navigate through the maze of the Navigator to find a pane to add content to and remembering to show or hide panes.

I think it’s time to go back to back basics on this one! Nice idea, but some things are best left as ideas!

No problem. Let me know what you come up with :smile:

This is a perfect example where having the option of making the Tabs widget an accordion on mobile would be perfect! I really hope that solution will see it’s light because that would make the Tabs widget a lot more suitable option for showcasing big content! @thesergie

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The structure for how the tabs are currently build doesn’t make it easy to convert it to an accordion unfortunately. Perhaps there’s a way to add an ID to the Tab content section and then clicking on any tab buttons will scroll the user down. But would have to use jQuery to add/remove the link so it only behaves that way on mobile.

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