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Tabs click and go to top of tab section?

II created a menu with tabs but once you get into tablet and mobile it doesn’t make it clear that when you click on the selection the menu below pops up.

How can I make it so when you click on the tab, the page move to the top of the tab section/menu?

Here’s the website:

Shared link:

Please someone help me with this!

so no one knows how to help fix this…?

@Waldo would you happen to know how to fix this? :disappointed_relieved:

@Quantumgo on mobile I would recommend setting those tabs to float left and only be 25% wide and a shorter height to make them look like tabs. Also maybe add a current state to the style like a background color or border to show which one is active. :smiley:

@Waldo there has to be a better way to do this… It looks horrible on mobile view…

Is there a better way to do this? There’s got to be some sort of code or interaction so when they click the tab it scrolls down to the pane…

You could also have the background of the tab fill in the color of the content divs. This way each tab is linked to its respective content.

That won’t work. Waldo’s idea does not look good on the smallest mobile view. The menu looks terrible.

So if i switch it back to the tabs on top, they need to be clickable and then the screen scrolls to the tab panes…

I changed it back now to the way it was before Waldos idea

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