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Page scroll animation on tab click

Hi, I have a tabs element on a specific page. It looks fine on all views except mobile portrait. I’m trying to create the following interaction:

  1. Tab click
  2. Page scrolls down to tab pane

Any help is appreciated.

Unless you provide a read only to your project it would be hard to understand your problem.

Read Only Link

On the home page, there are 4 elements below the hero that serve as tabs. on the mobile views, I’d like them to scroll down the tab pane when clicked/tapped.

@jordan.creative Were you able to make it work? Facing the same issue

Hey there, @aamna. Welcome to the Webflow forums :webflow_heart:

Tab components can often be quite bad UX on mobile, especially when you have lots of tabs stacked on top of each other.

Instead, I’d encourage you to check out and consider using the dropdown element for mobile breakpoints.

Here’s a good tutorial that walks you through seamlessly switching from tabs on desktop breakpoints, to a dropdown on mobile breakpoints -

I hope this helps you :smiley: