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Tab opening behaviour

Is it possible to change the way tabs open to expand vertically rather than fade in?

Also, is it possible to hide the exposed tab pane when clicking on the tab a second time or outside of the tab pane area?

I’m trying to make a navigation system for mobile that has more than one menu, so the built in widget doesn’t do the job but I’m struggling to make it work as there’s no logic built into interactions ie: (if>then).

Any help appreciated.

I’ve been investigating for a while and I’m wondering if combination of tabs and dropdowns will do the trick or if It’ll just be an overcomplicated solution.

What I’m trying to build is this:

I would use dropdowns only. I don’t know how many levels of menu you have. If there is just 2-3 levels you can use dropdown inside the dropdown.

thanks, I’ll give it a try and see

Hope you will share your results and, please, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more help. I’m happy to take a look if I have time. I really like this idea with such mobile navigation :smiley: And this could be nice tip/tutorial to all Webflow users.

Is there a way to change the way the drop down opens? I’d like it to slide open vertcally

Check this tutorial. Second part (“Bonus step”) maybe what you need. If you want to have click instead of hover effect, you can try click trigger in interaction.

Hope it helps :wink:

which tutorial? Am I missing something? thanks


:slight_smile: Too many things have to do in the same time

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