Swiss-style fintech website

Hi guys, yesterday we’ve shared our new project VCV so why not to start this Friday with another one?)

The special one has landed a website for the London-based fin-legal-tech company Vauban. It’s been a super challenging and super cool project to work on. I assume we’ve squeezed everything and more from Webflow on that one.

Stylistically it is inspired by Swiss typography mostly in a black-and-orange palette with subtle grid and blueprint-like elements.

It may feel like boasting but we just want to share the project with the community and get some feedback!


Hi Nikita. All the links on the version you shared aren’t working, is VCV at proof of concept stage, where can I try this?

Vauban is very elegant. The balance between Orange, black and white is well crafted. I’m in love with the Euclidcirculara typeface now, and the pairing with Inter is perfect. Great job!


Hi Vincent! Happy that you love Vauban it is probably one of the most thrilling projects we’ve ever worked on.

Back to the links, did not get your problem. Everything works fine on my end… is the only version I have access to… I guess… and links are set to #