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Survey or Poll system


I am trying to find a survey or poll system that I can use with webflow. Is there a good one which someone can recommend? I want to be able to showcase 5 images and some text relating to that image and be able to achieve a running total that is visible on the site.

Help would be appreciated!


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Hi @HamzaI, currently we do not have a poll or survey widget, but great idea ! We will have to put this on our list.

You can use third party survey tools, like SurveyMonkey.com, create a survey, and then get an embed code to past into an Embed widget. In practice, this is what it looks like:


And here is the public link, so you can see, how I just pasted the embed code from survey monkey into my Embed widget.


There may be other online survey services also you can go search for on the net…as long as they provide an Embed code snippet, then you are good to go :slight_smile:

There may be other users on the Forum who also know some good suggestions for survey and polling services that you can Embed.

Cheers !

@cyberdave Hey mate!

That would be an awesome widget if you could implement that into webflow as well! :smiley:
And thanks for the link to survey monkey; I think that tool will work perfectly!


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@cyberdave !


What I am trying to do is have people vote between 5 images that I will put up on the site. Is it possible that I may be able to make a form with those 5 images within webflow and have the form submit? That way I can get some other details from them as well? And can use a radio button perhaps under each image to make a selection. Is that possible?

Hi @HamzaI

Have you had a look at this? http://www.polleverywhere.com/how-it-works

Image poll is available.

Hi…New to Webflow and was wondering the same thing about surveys. Couldn’t you do a simple survey with questions in text and answers in radio buttons (i.e. score 1-5 or score very sat, sat, not bothered, dis sat, very dis sat)…get what I mean?


Hi @donski, you sure can create a form using the form widget, and use radio buttons and/or check boxes sure… that data will be saved as a form submission, so not other reporting on data saved. If you want a more full featured solution which shows graphs and stats of the survey responses, then you would need to have some third party custom code plugin or something like that… at the moment…

Cheers, Dave

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Current features should be fine. I am only talking about 150-200 respondents so I could export the responses in a .csv and do the analysis charts myself fairly easily. Thanks cyberdave.

Something else just popped into my head…what if I am on a paid account, I export the code and host it myself. Do the form submissions still go to Webflow? Can I still manage my form campaigns through the dashboard (assume I don’t mess with the exported code).

EDIT - Doh…should have just tested this myself instead of asking dumb questions. So just in case anybody else is wondering…the answer is yes…it all works the same even if exported and hosted elsewhere…

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So any plans to make this a native feature in the near future? I’m evaluating CMS options for my company and this is a part of the criteria.

Any chance the links above can be updated?

Thank you!