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Looking for an embeddable voting/polling software for my website

Hey, its me again!

So now that flashtrack is live I’ve really been trying to polish the website over the last few days. Ive been ruthlesly removing any non-vital info from the website, as I feel most modern app websites are very minimalistic… which assume is because the target market is mobile!

So I’ve recently decided to alter one of the sections on the site. The aim is to show what kind of features we are looking to integrate into the app next. We have a long list of features to add to the system but obviously this will take time.

So my question, is there any good Polling systems out there that will allow me to add a nice looking voting area to the website so users can vote on what features they would prefer to see next?


from a marketing perspective, I wouldn’t put a poll on the website. I would keep it as is. Instead, I would put a poll within the app itself. That way you know you’re getting good feedback from people who actually have the app and not just some random web user.

just my 2 cents =)

that dose actually seem very logical. I love that idea!

Do any voting systems exist for iphone integration?

what if it’s a popup modal within the app that redirects to an in-app safari browser that goes to a on-off page in your webflow project.

from there, have a responsive form.

at the end, somehow connect the form to their user account thats in their app, or their itunes account.

once they are done with the survey, give them an incentive for their opinions and time.