"Facebook Poll" like polls on ecommerce website

Hello there,
I’m working on an eCommerce website that displays shops rather than products.
I want to embed a poll/form on each shop’s page (5 stars poll+ opinions) and display the results right after someone has responded to the poll. Just like Facebook Polls.

I tried using Webflow forms to make the 5 stars and tried using Typeform, but I wasn’t able to integrate the results into my website

Is there a way to add a poll on my Webflow website and show instant results?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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After further research, the best solution I found was to use a third-party platform for the star reviews and customer Feed-backs.
I used Yotpo, it displays the 5-star ratings and can collect the data from each product (Each CMS collection page, which is awesome, no other platform I found can do that).

I just checked, it does also display the reviews on the page, it’s amazing truly!

It would be an amazing solution for a lot of e-commerce websites if Webflow implemented a similar rating form, just like woocommerce