Create a survey

guys how to do a webflow survey. There are cards in which a photo of a football player, and the question: “vote for the best football player.” The user selects someone and clicks and numbers appear, 15% or maybe 20%, this is how many people voted. IMPORTANT, prohibit re-voting from one computer. How to do it? so that the data is sent to us by mail or somewhere else

I’d assume the easiest way to do this is by using an external plug-in. Try searching online, I’m sure you’ll find some examples. Typekit does surveys but I don’t know if they have the option to display votes.
Anything that can be embeded with custom code works with webflow.

Hi George,
The convenient thing is to create a survey with ConvertCalculator, which you can configure as you wish and easily embed it in Webflow. It is very easy to configure.