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Surreal CMS Integration


I’m probably asking questions with obvious answers, but I’m going to ask anyway. Assuming surrealcms works with Webflow, can someone help with these bits I need for connection - see links below.

Url is obvious and protocol options are ftp, sftp, ftps, amazon s3.



Also interested in this solution, any help?

I use Surreal and it’s a breeze for light editing (no blog functionality, if I have a site that needs it I go with Perch), but it requires that you have your own server. You can’t use it with Webflow hosting. If you have your own server access you’ll just need an SSH login and then use the sftp connection.

I use a Linode VPS for my own site and all of my client sites. Current setup is Linode running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, integrated with ServerPilot & Surreal CMS. Works amazing.

I have a series of video tutorials I plan to do showing how to integrate Webflow into a variety of CMS setups that include Surreal, Perch & Ghost. No I don’t plan on doing WordPress as I’m focused on moving every single one of my clients off of WordPress and really have no desire to use it as a CMS anymore.

Wrapping up about 4 projects this week and then I’ll get started on the first Surreal integration video.


@jwburkhard that would be so amazing. Thanks.

Kinda sucks how we can’t have some kinda FTP control within Webflow


I have continually request for this feature. Please let our request roar so that we can get it into this wonderful tool.


John, I would definitely love a Webflow/Perch integration tutorial!


Hi jwburkhard,

Thanks in advance for the surreal video. Any idea when it will be ready. It’s the setup I can’t get past, beyond that I can’t imagine it being too difficult.

Anyone from Webflow want to chime in??


The setup video should be this week sometime but the main thing is, you need access to your own hosting server. You can’t use Webflow hosting with SurrealCMS. If you have your own host, PM me and I’ll walk you through it.

Hi jwburkhard,

Apologies for the late reply.

Unfortunately I use the self hosted option. Though it wouldn’t be possible, but best to check,

Thanks anyway

this would really appreciated, thanks

I have been searching for a stable maintained proven CMS that’s perfect for static HTML/CSS/JS sites like webflow exports, something that a client can easily login and make changes too.

Your video tutorials will be of great benefit to the community which has been in search of the perfect CMS and Webflow integration for while now it seems.


We’re coming out with some big updates soon that will rock your socks (if everything goes smoothly). So thanks for your patience guys!


…Just in time for Christmas, can’t wait!


While this is some exciting news, is your CMS going to be Webflow hosted only? I won’t ever use Webflow as my host so this could seriously change my workflow.

@jwburkhard Hey John,

If Webflow’s CMS was part of the Professional plan and any plan after and at no extra cost… if we can select what websites to integrate the CMS with as not all clients would ask for one then that be a great start.

If this CMS allowed a customized login screen for clients and within our admin dashboard it allowed us to set user roles like WordPress then I’d say it’ll be close to perfection, it be everything we need would it not? it saves having to mess around and integrate our exports onto another CMS not to mention saving a few dollars as the other CMS’s other than WordPress have to be purchased.

I like everything all in one place, so if Webflow can perfect a CMS within our dashboard and at some point next year have eCommerce capabilities with multiple payment gateways etc, you wouldn’t need to go anywhere else unless of course you wish to buld a crowdfunding website that is :slight_smile: something I need to do in fact a Kickstarter/Indigogo for my county here in UK.


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My only issue is I manage my own hosting for my clients and a wide majority of them need far more the webflow offers. Its great to design the site with webflow then export and integrate all the other things I need to.

Sure I understand, I suppose for now the Webflow CMS would be useful for clients who just want to edit text, adding photos, basic content stuff etc. What needs do your clients require, generally speaking?

I usually found that in the past I’d be given these small tasks anyway, in fact I had it in their monthly contract allowing one content revision per month. But I do find now that as soon people in their 20’s who are now setting up their own businesses and require a website, they’re more and more comfortable doing a lot of this themselves as they are simply more tech savvy. We know making a website is getting easier and easier as technology gets better every year (thanks Webflow haha) but thankfully there will always be a need for people with an eye for unique design as this cannot be taught in my opinion.

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Very useful information. Thank you for sharing it. Thanks

Any news here @thesergie? Can’t wait for it any longer :)!