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Surreal CMS Integration

Sorry i can’t give an ETA on new features since some of the things we’re building have never been done before and it’s hard to tell when they’ll be done. Sorry to keep you waiting guys! Thanks for your patience. :blush:


@thesergie, Thanks for the heads up. Will you be giving a sneak peak as soon as something is up for announcement?
I’m sure most of us would be happy waiting a month or two if we know what’s coming :smiley:

@thesergie: I’m sure that the WF team is building something amazing, but I agree with @Diu… We’re so anxious about this that we would like to know something more :smile:

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I would love the tutorials as well since I am trying to decide on a CMS for a client. They are leaning towards wordpress. What are your reasons for moving away from it?

I apologize for never getting around to the tutorials I had planned for integrating a CMS with a Webflow export. I’ve been through a number of setups in the past couple months and I’ve determined that the only CMS options that are feasible are Perch and ironically WordPress, using the Underscores starter theme.

Before anyone chimes in here and tries to point to using Ultimatum and WordPress, please note that I’m talking about a real integrated solution that creates a real theme from the Webflow export. When I design for anything, semantics and simplicity are what I strive to achieve and Ultimatum is not that.

I’m about ready to redo my personal portfolio and add all the work in that has been keeping me busy and this would probably be a good time to explore the aforementioned CMS options and integrating them with Webflow. I’ll likely do a start-to-finish type of project showing the various tools I use (Affinity Designer, Sketch 3, Pixelmator) then taking the design into Webflow and exporting it. After exporting it I’ll go through how I unbrand a Webflow site and then move the cleaned up export to my host and integrating first Perch then WordPress.

I know a lot of people will be eager to see the end results so I will break it down into multiple parts. My estimated timeframe for the entire project should be less then a week.


One week. Pow! That’s some serious effort being made. Good luck!

This is so exiting :smile:
Now that you decided to push it a bit into the future you can hopefully take a well earned break during christmas.

I already have the design done in my head, once I get it into Sketch the rest is fairly easy to translate over to Webflow. Perch integration is really simple to be quite honest, so really my biggest constraint is time. Hoping to knock the majority of this out over the weekend. I’ve been debating since last night if I wanted it to be a video or if I just wanted to make it a written tutorial using something like Napkin.

Just getting started with Webflow, and looking for the best CMS solution. Simple, limited client editing; no blogs yet. Anyone have a favorite?

With all respect to that question. If you want the simple, limited client editing and no blog. Try squarespace.

Or you could use Wordpress with Webflow if you use Pinegrow

Surreal and perch are pretty straight forward in my option and Cory over at Surreal is super responsive to any questions you may have.

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I’ve tried about all of them. Surreal is probably my favorite.
Keep in mind that with SquareSpace, you cut yourself out of ongoing revenue with your client.
And as for WordPress, Pinegrow does appear to be an easy way to convert HTML to WordPress, but I just don’t like WordPress. Based on experience, too much potential for something to go wrong down the road with plugins and such, although I’ve been tempted to just go away from webflow for the lack of a CMS and use WordPress… but I can’t bring myself to do it, as of yet. I don’t feel like torturing myself. lol.

Did I mention that you should check out Surreal? Tell Cory Godless Glen sent ya! :wink:

Yeah, Cory is awesome and so is his CMS!

Glenn, do you have some examples of websites with a nice design that use Surreal? I can’t seem to find any

Diu, I’ve used Surreal on my sites from webflow, although it was just to test and I don’t have it up now because I am waiting for webflow to get in integrated here. It’s the most simple CMS to use. No need to add code to each little area, just click your way to an editable site.

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That’s good to hear. But the reason I asked, is that I cannot seem to find any “modern” looking websites. It’s probably not because of Surreal, but I just want to make sure before giving it a try. :smiley: