Support times/questions

Hello, I’ve been following Webflow since it was launched, but been nervous about actually jumping in and doing client work on it due to it’s ‘locked-in’ nature (ie. if I make something on the CMS then it won’t be easy moving away from them). I don’t have an issue with being locked-in, but I need to feel confident about support.

I just received a response to a support request from 5 days ago and whilst it was not urgent, I think this is a little too long.

I just wondered how other people have got on with support? Is there another channel I can use to get in touch (I used the web form)?


Hi @infinitebeard thanks for your honesty. Our support hours are Monday through Friday, 6am to 6pm (Pacific).

Last week the whole team was out on a retreat. We are back now and are working hard to get caught up.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi @PixelGeek thanks for getting back to me. I guess I chose a bad time to try support!

I’m at the end of building my first site and I don’t actually see myself using support all that often as I’m aware of what you can and can’t do now, 5 days just worried me a bit if I had any big issues.


Ah now I know why I’ve sent two help messages and not received anything back. I thought it was odd as you guys are usually good on getting back.