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Is 3 days for customer support normal?!

I’m not a designer.
I’m posting here out of exasperation with Webflow support. I’m the CEO of small company, and my design team tells me that Webflow support has failed to respond to a support requests for 3 days?

It’s delaying our site deployment, and I’m furious that we can’t interact with a human. Is this normal for this company?

I’m about to email the Webflow CEO and wanted to check in with the community first. I want to understand if poor support is normal, or if something has gone wrong on our side.


Webflow support will normaly answer with in 24-48 H
The rule is “First come First serve”

Webflow have hired more staff but they need some time to get up to speed.
They have a backlog for the moment and need to catch-up on it.
They questions will be answered, just a delay at moment.

I spoke to a senior member of the team in the world event and they are employing new support people.
I suspect its like the rest of the IT industry in lacking enough people available to hire.
I have had two supports calls not so long ago and found them very quick once they pick the case up.

So sum up, it needs work, they know it does and say looking to improve. When or how I don’t know, I have offered to assist in there system which they seemed keen but not heard anything.

Always check the forum and web before logging support obviously.