Support for RTL languages such as Arabic

How well does Webflow support RTL Languages such as Arabic

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I think it is well supported. You can preview this website made in Webflow with English and Arabic languages:

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Thank you Imtiaz - that was helpful
Were there any specific settings you had to do
Did you use Weglot Integration? as described in the blog post below

Thanks again for your help

I did not build this website but from the designer’s comments, she used an Arabic font and created two folders. For english, the pages are under /en/ and for Arabic, they are under /ar/. She was given the write-ups in a document, and with a proper font selected, she just copy pasted them.

The design language had to change due to the left to right ideology of the language, but that’s about it. The Weglot Integration, I have not used it personally but it seems to be a simpler solution. I would give that a try first.

If you do not want a paid integration and are okay with some extra work, the first option is completely viable for you.


It is amazing to see you here searching the same topic just way back :slight_smile:

For anyone wondering, yes you can develop Webflow sites using RTL languages. We build English-Arabic Webflow websites on Enterprise Level for the Middle East.

We’ve created a system for RTL Webflow Development called RTLflow. You can check it out below.

We’ve included Cloneable Examples, plus different building strategies (Folders, 3rd-Party like Weglot or Linguana, Projects):

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Dude, this is awesome!

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