Can I create a website that supports both LTR for English and RTL for Arabic language using webflow?

Hello, so i’m trying to make a decision to use webflow for a bilingual website that supports both LTR for the English content and RTL for the Arabic content. I used webflow before to build English only websites but is there a way to build a website that support both RTL and LTR?

Would really appreciate your help amazing people!

TECHNICALLY, you don’t need any special features for that, a website is just content displayed on a page, and the text boxes you can control weather they are left or right aligned.

I speak Hebrew and am in the process of building a website all Hebrew, which is the same orientation as Arabic. The main thing would just be adding a font that has Arabic.

thank you for your reply Eytan, but my main concern is flipping the main navigation of the website every time I change the language, for the pages I know I can create two versions one for English and one for Arabic but the website won’t flip natively I suppose

Have an Idea, create a button on the side or switch that’s name something like “Arabic” and the default is English but when you click on it it changes the whole site or those specific pieces of content including the Nav to Arabic, and once it is in Arabic the button now shows “English”

I bet there are many ways to do this, either using maybe a switcher, or within the animations and triggers of the elements where you choose what to show when clicked on that button and what to hide.

In case anyone is asking themselves the same question – the answer is yes.

I recommend checking out our RTL CSS system called RTLflow 2.0:

There’s also a Free Course on RTL Webflow Development on our YouTube channel:

Feel free to reach out anytime, if you have questions!