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Support for Indic languages

Hi All,

Has any one tried building using Indic language content? Does webflow Editor/CMS support indic languages in titles( which appear in url bar) and CMS content ?

Are there any precautions to take before venturing into building one?

Appreciate any help!


If you give me some chains of characters to test with, I’ll be happy to test them on a site of mine on nodes (urls) and CMS.

I’m pretty sure CMS accepts anything unicode. As for slugs, WF doesn’t dictate the limitations. For example the accents of my language can’t be used in urls (é è à etc). But if you know sites with indic in the slug then I bet WF supports it too. Let’s test!

Making sure slugs and CMS supports it may be enough. Tests with forms, SEO, OG and RSS panels don’t do harm too.

Thank you, going to start this week. Will update here once I test it out

update on this

  • No support for indic text in urls(slug?)- if i copy paste some text in url field, webflow automatically converts to english .
  • did not find any issue in CMS fields
  • did not test others
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