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Suggestions for multiple states/countries website

Hi y’all,

I was reading a good article about building a site multi-regional ( “Making your website multi-regional using top-level domains” - and it gave me really good insights on how to build the site. I love Webflow and been involved in a project that started in one country, two languages and all of a sudden, the service got into 2 more countries/languages.

I started using some Locale words to differentiate the countries (us, pr, cr), working on build separate navs and footers since business speaking, there are a few differences per country, however, I feel that the idea of creating so many nav bars or a navbar and a footer per state (in the US) and per country is going to be a mess once more cities or countries get reached.

I am looking for some extra suggestions and eyes on how you think I can/should tackle this in an easy and manageable way.

You can check the website here:

Not sharing the Read-Only site since I am not looking for full development feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Hi There!

Sub-directions within the website are usually used at country level. This method(which you are doing exactly) allows your pages to be ‘separated’ in the URL structure which enables the country specific page subset, and provides country based targeting option. Any specific reason you further go down to state/city levels?

When you set up multi-region website, SEO is another important issue you should consider. Here is an article you might find helpful:

If global markets keep growing, auto-direct your visitors to correct URLs based on their locations could be another step. It can help your global customers find information relevant to them within 1-2 seconds, and improve customer conversion rate essentially. You could look up GeoIP tools, for example, Geo Redirect.

Hope it helps!

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Thanks @MichaelGeo very helpful

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