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Multi-location Webflow site under one domain

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

I have a project with a client that wants his new Webflow website to be location-dependent based on the IP. I have read that Geo-Targetly would be a good solution for the redirection, but then I am wondering what would be the smartest way to do that within Webflow.

Should I design the main .com site, then create folders for each different countries where I duplicate the main pages and change the content based on the location, and set-up a redirect on the .com site?

Also what are the best practices for S.E.O? What should be references: the .com and sub folders depending on the country (ex: or only the .com should appear in the search engine results?

Let me know if you have done something similar or if you know the best practices!

Thank you very much :sunny: